Below are a few of my projects that I don't find relevant to my current skill set so they have been placed in this archive. Maybe you will find something interesting here or understand my development process for one of my newer projects.

I've always been interested in making video games and it's what initially attracted me to programming. Originally my games were made using Game Maker, however as I got better I decided to take a shot at making one from scratch using Java. The result was Cake Quest, which was more of a proof-of-concept. Everything in the game was written by myself, including the level editor. It's a pretty simple RPG system; however when I have lots of spare time I would like to try out some simple online functionality.

Created: July-November 2014.
Download: Click here

Below are some of my really old video game creations, all were made using Game Maker and the built-in scripting language called GML.

A simple game about drinking.
Created: 2011
Escape the endless horde of alien invaders.
Created: 2009
A very difficult platformer game with local multiplayer.
Created: 2008