External Rust Hack

Language: C++
Methods: Color, Layered Windows
Completed: July 2015

This Rust "hack" has two primary functions, creating a crosshair for the player with a built-in triggerbot. Everything is completely external and there is not much which anti-cheat can do to stop this. Unfortunately I will not be making this available for download, as I play the game as well.

How it works:
When deciding how I wanted to gain an unfair advantage, consideration needed to made in regards to anti-cheat. Currently Rust is protected by VAC, EAC, and Facepunch anti-cheat. Dll injections are easily detected and reading process memory through CE or Ollydbg is near impossible with EAC running. With that said there were many limitations to this project. Externally drawing, there are many people who still rely on GDI/GDI+ because it's pretty easy to use. The problem with using GDI is the terrible flickering and cpu usage, so instead I opted to use a transparent layered window. Windows Aero is optimized for such windows with hardly any frame penalty whereas Windows Basic can still run it, but with a significant (25%-40%) fps drop. After testing OpenGL, Direct3D, and GDI, I ended up using Direct2D and DirectWrite. Both are pretty easy to use with plenty of documentation and the anti-aliasing is a nice bonus.

Typically, triggerbots require reading process memory but in this case I am using color. If you notice in the screenshot above, the very center of the crosshair is not being draw onto. This was done purposely because the very center acts as a color picker, RGB values are posted in the top-left hand corner of the screen (thanks to DirectWrite). The way it works is simple, aim your crosshair, press "f" ("Tracking" text appears), and you will automatically fire when someone enters it. The RGB values are saved when you start tracking and adjust if a certain threshold is not met (in case the sun starts going up or down, shadows, etc). If the threshold of color change is exceeded, chances are that it will be a hit. The Bolt-Action Rifle utilizes the trigger bot the best, however all weapons (except the bow) work as well.