C++ Online Game Project: Crime City Online

Dedicated Website: Click here

In the Archive you will find a game I made called Cake Quest, which was a small top-down RPG adventure game for eating a piece of cake. I've always had an interest for RPG styled games, especially online, but this was my first real attempt since I now have a pretty solid skill set. I'm writing this in C++, specifically vc++ for both Winsock and Direct2D. The game is using a TCP connection since speed is not necessarily an issue; the entire game is turn based.

The breakdown of how the client and server communicates is as follows:
1. Client wants to move player left, presses left
2. Client does a validation check before asking the server
3. Client check passes, client asks server
4. Server validates that the player can move left
5. Server sends a response back to the client with the new position of the player

Coming with a background in reversing, I'm pretty much just assuming that all players are hackers and any client sided checks can be easily defeated. Although this is not the case, I plan to really bottleneck the various types of glitches and hacks which can be done.

For more information and a complete list of development logs, check out the link above.