The Macro script collection provides a suite of automated tasks. You may use the unlimited free version or donate for additional features. All scripts are intelligent by design, allowing you to select various entities of your choice and then building the best set of preferences around your selection. This not only gives bots nearly unlimited options, it takes the guesswork out of configuration.

Script Features Unlocked Price Purchase
Macro Cutter -Loot bird nests
-Plank mode *NEW*
-Magic trees
-Yew trees
-Maple trees
-Hollow trees
$4.95/30 days
Macro Cooker -Clay Oven
-Sulphur vent
-Raw karambwan
$2.95/30 days
Macro Killer -Bank support
-Custom loot options
-Easy setup
$3.99/30 days
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Macro Cutter
Logs chopped: 747,570,083
Experience gained: 38,909,856,902
Human hours saved: 1,296,995