Unity 3d Game - Winter Shooty

Game Download link: Click here
Scripts Download link: Click here

Released on 22 December 2017

Being generally interested in game development, I decided to pick up and learn a popular engine such as Source, Unity, or Unreal. Although I prefer C++ (Unreal scripting) over C# (Unity scripting), I still went ahead and chose Unity anyways. I found that some of the standard scripts such as RigidbodyFirstPersonController were both overkill and wonky, so I set out to write everything from scratch except for MouseLook. In the end, some of the custom assets I created include:

- Character Controller with custom movement
- Simple gun recoil with ray casting
- Pickups/destructibles

You can download some of these scripts by using the download link above.

Some assets I used:
- MouseLook.cs (standard asset)
- Pookie bear prefab
- Gunshot sound
- 2 additional sounds
- Christmas scene
- Weapon prefab