Planet Breakout 2 - December 2022
Steam Store (Free, no ads)
Source Code (GitHub)

The sequel to Planet Breakout 1 from 2007. Comes complete with a built-in level editor, customizable missions, and bricks. Open-source on GitHub, written using Direct2D, XAudio2, and C++17, does not use a game engine.
SC2KRender - February 2021
Steam Store (Free, no ads)
Source Code (GitHub)

An open-source program that loads SimCity 2000 map files (*.sc2) and renders them in 3D. Over 180 unique models were reimagined so you can explore your metropolis like never before. Written using DirectX 11 and C++17, it does not use a game engine.
Blimp Bomber - November 2018
Google Play Store (Free, no ads)

Casual Android mobile game, destroy buildings with your blimp. Developed a scalable vector polygon class to generate collision data for svg files (used on the terrains). Wrote all the rendering code to scale with various screen densities and resolutions.
Stratego 2442 - May 2018
Download Game (1.2MB): stratego.jar | Youtube video

Stratego clone game with smaller board. University undergradute final group project, written in Java. Comes with computer opponent AI and LAN multiplayer.
Winter Shooty - December 2017
Download Game (16.7MB):

3d Unity FPS test game - open presents and eat cookies. Written in C#.
Cake Quest - November 2014
Download Game (123KB): CakeQuest.jar

A short-story RPG game where you must eat a piece of cake. Written in Java. Many of the assets were recycled from the Crime City Online project.
Tavern 8 - September 2011
Download Game (1.8MB):

The first to get drunk wins, simple arcade-styled game. Written with GameMaker.
RetroVerdeo - November 2008
Download Game (2.5MB):

Abstract platform where you must survive continuous waves of attacks. Written with GameMaker.
Block War 2 - July 2008
Download Game (1.8MB):

Platform puzzle game with a final end-boss. Local multiplayer and separate map editor. Written with GameMaker.
Arctic Constructor - December 2007
Download Game (2.0MB):

Experimental building game created for a YoYo Games competition (did not win). Written with GameMaker.
Planet Breakout - May 2007
Download Game (5.2MB):

My first polished computer project; a breakout game inspired by WildTangent's Blasterball. Written with GameMaker.