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Initial Release: May 2020
Last Update: August 2020

Windows macro program that uses an ATMega32-based Arduino to execute hardware mouse inputs, rather than using typical software inputs via Windows API.


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Initial Release: December 2019

A simple xor-encrpytion program to store passwords, hassle-free.

IDA Patcher

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Initial Release: March 2019

Small C++ program to patch executables using IDA 7.0 diff files.


Initial Release: February 2019

Chrome extension that uses Javascript injection to automate the browser version of Grepolis.

Pointerscan Analyzer

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Initial Release: January 2019

Matches pointerscan results from multiple CheatEngine pointerscan result databases to aid in finding offsets.

Line Visualizer

Initial Release: July 2018

Displays lines and intersections based on slope and base input through the GUI or loads in CSV files. CSV format is "slope,base" on a new line for each line value.


Initial Release: May 2017

Injects a dll into a remote process then cleans up, uses LoadLibraryA method.


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Initial Release: 2015

Lightweight optical character recognition tool for use with digital text and predefined fonts.