RobotUSB - May 2020
Source Code | Download (136KB):

Windows automation program that communicates to a compatible USB mouse/keyboard deseried device output.
passxor - December 2019
Source Code | Download (136KB):

C++ password application that uses xor-based encryption.
IDA Patcher - March 2019
Source Code | Download (15KB):

Small C++ program to patch executables using IDA 7.0 diff files.
GrepBuddy - February 2019

Javascript injection Chrome extension to automate the browser/mobile game.
Pointerscan Analyzer - January 2019
More Info | Download (12MB):

Matches pointerscan results to find offsets in memory
Line Visualizer - July 2018
Download (13KB): LineVisualizer.jar

Displays lines and intersections based on slope and base input through the GUI or loads in CSV files. CSV format is "slope,base" on a new line for each line value.
KNetInjector - May 2017
Download (12KB):

Injects a dll into a remote process then cleans up, uses LoadLibraryA method. Simple program, no anti-anti-detection features.
PixelOCR - 2015
More Info | Download (49KB):

Lightweight optical character recognition tool for use with digital text and predefined fonts.
Scripts - 2014
More Info

Collection of scripts that automates Runescape tasks.