Last Updated: 22 June 2019

My name is Aleksander Krimsky and here you can find a bunch of my computer and life stuff. I'm mainly interested in reverse-engineering, specifically Windows PE disassembly and memory hacking. Most of my recent projects are in C/VC++ and MASM32 (x86), previously it was Java. Although I'm not big on web development, I've spent some time with SQL, PHP, Javascript, and CSS. When I'm not computer programming, I'm probably playing computer games - some of my favorites are Duke Nukem 3D, SimCopter, SimCity 3000, Vinyl Goddess, and Runescape.

Work History

BAE Systems
Software Engineer II - Jan 2019 - Present
FAST Labs - autonomy, controls, and estimation
Meire & Brito Automation
Software Developer - Aug 2014 - Oct 2018
Macro software to automate online games
U.S. Air Force
Munitions Systems - May 2011 - Apr 2018
Inspection and assembly of precision guided bombs and missiles


M.S. Computer Science (Student)
Johns Hopkins University
Spring 2020
B.S. Computer Science
State University of New York at Buffalo
Sep 2016 - Aug 2018
B.T. Law Enforcement Leadership
State University of New York at Canton
Sep 2012 - Dec 2015


SimCopterX - http://simcopter.net
May 2019 - Present
Disassembled and reverse-engineered Windows 95 executable; patched to run on modern CPUs. Developed "auto-injector" technology to automatically detour inside new sections.
SilentAim - http://silentaim.net (defunct)
Aug 2016 - May 2017
Wrote public hacking software to cheat in online video games, peak of 500 monthly subscribers. Specialized in byte pattern analysis and 3d-view translations.