Compilation of work

My name is Aleksander Krimsky and here you will find a portfolio of my computer projects which I have worked on over the years. Some of my interests include reverse-engineering, hardware development (HDLs, VLSI), and assembly programming. I mainly work with C++ and Java for application development and dabble in Php and SQL for my web programming. Other languages I'm familiar with are x86 (MASM32), MIPS, Python, MATLAB, and C#.


Meire & Brito Automation BV (August 2014 - October 2018)

Our small team is responsible for the popular automation tool OSBot. We serve a community of over 300K members with thousands of active members. I've worked on some interesting projects including a code analyzer using ObjectWeb ASM, a optical-character recognition tool, and hand-writing all the Swing/AWT interfaces.

Founder & Developer

SilentAim (August 2016 - May 2017)

Although this project is still relatively new, I've had explosive growth after I was the first to reverse engineer a 3d online video game called Paladins. Everything has been developed in-house including the authentication system, the interfaces which are written in pure Win32, and the hacks themselves (written in C++).

Munitions Inspector

United States Air Force (May 2011 - April 2017)

Debugged, analyzed, and reprogrammed guidance units for advanced precision guided missiles. Earned the 2012 United States Air Force Outstanding Munitions Technician Award. Managed complete stockpile of missile systems ensuring a fully combat capable squadron of F-16 aircraft valued at $768M.