RISC-V Single Board Computers

Last Updated: 13 July 2023
Finding a Raspberry Pi single-board computer (SBC) alternative that uses RISC-V and runs Linux has been quite challenging. Below is a list which hopefully includes all current and upcoming products; this will not include any boards which are no longer in production. I'll try to keep this page updated, with a last-updated date under the header above. The requirements for this list are:

  • Currently in production (or upcoming)
  • Runs Linux
  • No FPGAs or microcontrollers
  • GPIO Header
  • Ethernet or WiFi support

Product Manufacturer Processor RAM Official Linux Support Price Store Page
BeagleV-Ahead BeagleBoard TH1520 (T-Head XuanTie C910) LPDDR4 4GB Yocto, Ubuntu $150-$170 BeagleBoard Website
Star64 Pine64 StarFive JH7110 LPDDR4 4GB/8GB Unknown $70/$90 Pine64 Website
Ox64 Pine64 Bouffalo Lab BL808 (T-Head XuanTie C906) PSRAM 64MB Unknown $8 (WiFi only) Pine64 Website
VisionFive2 StarFive StarFive JH7110 LPDDR4 2GB/4GB/8GB Debian, Ubuntu $80-$100 StarFive Website
Mars Milk-V StarFive JH7110 LPDDR4 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB Unknown New Release* Milk-V Website
Duo Milk-V SOPHGO CV1800B (T-Head XuanTie C906) DDR? 64MB Unknown $9 (Ethernet opt) Milk-V Website
Nezha Sipeed AllWinner D1-H (T-Head XuanTie C906) DDR3 1GB/2GB Tina, Ubuntu $112 Sipeed - AliExpress
Lichee RV Dock Sipeed AllWinner D1 (T-Head XuanTie C906) DDR3 512MB Debian, Tina, Ubuntu $38 (WiFi only) Sipeed - AliExpress
LicheePi 4A Sipeed TH1520 (T-Head XuanTie C910) LPDDR4X 4GB/8GB/16GB Debian, Fedora $119 Sipeed - AliExpress
FIVEBerry-A0A Aries Embedded Renesas RZ/Five (AndesCore AX45MP) DDR4 512MB Yocto 119€ Aries Embedded Website
MQ-Pro (D1) MangoPi AllWinner D1 (T-Head XuanTie C906) DDR3 512MB/1GB Tina $25 (WiFi only) MangoPi Website

New Release* - Products that are in beta testing, or entering production
N/A* - Products that do not appear to be in current supply

For Linux distribution support, the following links may be useful:

Boards that were previously listed but no longer in production are listed below. Sometimes the manufacturer keeps a product page but won't explicitly state the item is end-of-life, so list may help in determining availability.

Product Manufacturer Processor RAM Official Linux Support Original MSRP Store Page
Tinker V Asus Renesas RZ/Five (AndesCore AX45MP) DDR4 1GB Debian, Yocto N/A Asus Website
BeagleV BeagleBoard StarFive JH7100 LPDDR4 8GB Debian, Fedora N/A BeagleBoard Website