Welcome to SimStreetsX

Take your rage to the streets on Windows 10 by becoming a lunatic Sim driver. You no longer need to use a virtual machine or CPU Killer, just a lead foot. The patcher comes with a variety of options so you can either take a relaxing drive or battle up to seven other players over a network.


02 May 2021
Version 4 of SimStreetsX has been released, patching a serious issue with the game failing to start and idling as a ghost process in the background. The issue was related to how the custom game font Hatten.ttf was loaded. This fix will be especially helpful for newcomers who haven't previously loaded the font.

07 April 2021
Thanks to racraccoon for sharing three new scenarios which are now available on the download page. Additional thanks to Thane Vim who also shared his own scenario back in the summer. It's great to see new scenarios for the game, it adds a unique replayability element to the game.

18 December 2019
Hopefully your holiday driving has been wild while giving Granny a ride to the shopping malls. This small release for Version 3 patches a copy file error that a lot of drivers were experiencing. If you continue having problems, come into the Discord and yell at me.

28 November 2019
High-Resolution modes are now available! Additionally there's a new option to "Show FPS" which originally existed as a developer debug tool. The higher resolutions modes use the 3rd-person dash view because the cockpit view sprites are all designed for 640x480. The next large undertaking will be introducing new cockpit artwork,just give me a lot of time to recuperate. Version 2 took hundreds of stressful hours to develop. Keep the community maps and mods coming!

06 September 2019
Today marks the initial release of SimStreetsX patcher. This release is a bit different than how I introduced SimCopterX, in that only basic functionality has been patched (CD bypass, Game sleep, Software rendering fix). I do plan on spending months of work getting the game to run at higher resolutions, but I figured I'd make a release now to get people in the game sooner rather than later. To keep updated, follow the SimStreetsX Github which is linked on the 'Disassembly' page.